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Busting the Biennale

September 29, 2009

So much for not fitting the mold, but that’s the least of one’s problems these days 😉 A round trip ticket across the pond only gets you so much time, and so, who’s to say you can’t fit it all in …
This trip took me to Skopje, Macedonia, and yes, good for you for remembering that Skopje is toward the north.  Wine country to the south.  Landlocked apart from beautiful lakes, with Albania, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, and the Sharr mountains in eye and earshot range.  Welcomed by sweet drum and bass music – home to a sweltering, thumping, community of electronic musicians whose vibes keep you going, underground, overground, and on the radio.  Sound like home?  not quite, but getting there.  Dobra!!
Met up with Mo-Seph, i.e. Dave, and hit the ground running in prep for the Bienniale Festival of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.  No, I am not from Europe.  And no, according to some people’s standards, Dave was not ‘young’.  But, combined, we had the right appeal …
After a few jam sessions, some whisky and more music, we had a fantastic jam at the Biennale, outside the Creative House in Skopje’s center.  The Biennale was filled with amazing installations, visual art, rock bands and sound art, everywhere from Egypt to the U.K … what fun!
On Sunday night we played a second time at a local underground dance club, the Indie Pub, recently opened.  A great way to end the week.  Six hours later our host was at the hospital giving birth to their first little girl (whooooeeee!!) and we hit the road to Edinburgh.

Now back ‘home’, Edinburgh brings sunshine although that is truly a gift.  Jamming continues, munching on baklava, and making sure the whiskey of Scotland is up to par 😉

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