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Barbed Canteloupe @ Smoke Farm Lo-Fi

I like cantaloupe.  I really do.  And so, while staying in my friend Jenny‘s back yard camper musing over art projects and escaping from city life, I did what every smart artist does.  I woke up in the middle of the night and needing some fresh air, tripped into a pile of barbed wire (Jenny was working on a new installation).  I woke up feeling brilliant.  The Smoke Farm Lo-Fi Festival was coming up.  WHAT TO DO?  Make the audience walk through piles of barbed wire, serve them cantaloupe, and improvise music.

Summer09 145

A few ‘minor’ adjustments … blackberry brambles, a beautiful limestone quarry, improvised percussion with artist Dean Moore, the amazing input and performance and cantaloupe service of Renee Rischer and install work of Jennifer Law … and path making of Jed Dunkerly … what a show!  Dean, Renee, and I performed – improvised – as a live show from 11am-4pm.  The space was left as an installation, with a mixed electronic recording of improvised rehearsals playing throughout the space (thanks Jason!).  Almost ditched the recording, but thanks to Hoyt for promoting the MP3 player, which quickly resolved the “lo-fi” problem.  As the night grew dark, the quarry gained an eerie characteristic, with the audience engaging with the space, (and eating cantaloupe!) all evening until the day after.  Quite a success!

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