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Shepherds Herding Elephants

Ready set sing!  I didn’t know shepherds herded elephants either, that is, until I met Emily.  Last winter (2009), Emily and I ran into eachother on the street downtown and within seconds had agreed that neither of us were writing much.  So now we have a writing group.  Bueno!  From there we started singing together.  Que más!  And what a way to pass the chilly winter months than slipping and sliding over half steps singing “Do you like milk?” “She must have ice with her milk” in C# minor, accapella, at 11am on a Tuesday morning in Wallingford.  Now, maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s just me and emily, or maybe it’s just my undying affection for milk, but S.H.E. has got me hooked.


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