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About Me

Josie brings an expansive range of linguistic, tonal, and rhythmic energy into her music and writing, from bi-lingual prose to experimental laptop improvisation.  Invited to perform vocal and electronic improvisation at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in 2009, she spent a partial year in 2008 as Artist in Residence for music and literary composition in Spain and France.  Training extensively in South America, Europe and the United States, her collaborations in theatre direction and vocal performance include world premier performances by artists Byron Au Young and Claude Wampler. Each work is noteworthy for experimentation with multi-media, site-specific and operatic form. Josie is a founding member of One By One, a global women’s health NGO and the former Associate Director with the Capitol Hill Arts Center.  Since earning her MA in Performance Studies from New York University, she teaches piano and vocal studies while working on her book, writing grants, and composing music on a regular basis.  With 24 years of practice and training, Josie first understood the passion she held for music while living in Italy at the age of 19.  Without access to a piano for the first time in her life, she realized her desire to make this her life’s work.  This resounding commitment toward music drives her love of teaching and writing, inspiring thoughtful collaboration and output as a composer of the arts.



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