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The Studio: Private Music Instruction

Welcome to The Studio

Youth Piano invites youth as young as 5 years into private piano study.  Each week I am delighted by the growth, enthusiasm and skill produced by my youngest students.  From transposing melodies and sight reading, to improvising and composing their first piece of music, it is my goal to provide youth with challenging, well rounded, fun experiences in piano and music education on a weekly basis.

Voice Motion offers workshops, intensives, and private lessons in vocal technique – specifically tailored to each individual student.  Voice Motion works with teens and adults to provide an integrated understanding of the voice and movement awareness.


“My 9-year old daughter started lessons with Josie a little less than a year ago. We are very satisfied with Josie’s thoughtful instruction. In addition to teaching “the basics” to a beginner, Josie has sought to understand how my daughter would learn best and has often adjusted the lessons accordingly, so that piano becomes as fun and rewarding as possible. We highly recommend Josie!”
-Jill Sulzberg

“”Josie was my daughter’s first piano teacher, and she did an excellent job of instilling curiosity and interest in music as well as good piano habits. She worked well with a 6-year-old learner–she was very patient, offered good suggestions and fun mnemonics, and gave unstinting encouragement without false praise. I recommend her highly, particularly to anyone seeking a music teacher for a young child.”
-Barrie Trinkle

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